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Matt Williams – Founder


With a career spanning 25 years, Matt has been actively involved in building multiple businesses from the ground up.  Having successfully built and sold his first business in Australia after a stint in the Australian Royal Navy,   he subsequently built a career running one of the largest portfolios for a Risk Mitigation Organization within a subsidiary of GE Finance.

With years of Fortune 100 experience under his belt,  Matt moved to the US and returned to his entrepreneurial roots.  Over the next dozen years, he successfully built and exited a number of digital enterprises.  Matt spent 6 years in Silicon Valley consulting to both startups and established companies. He developed new digital properties and cofounded a technology incubator focusing on Mobile Technology. In 2012 He moved to Los Angeles to participate in the burgeoning Silicon Beach startup community.  After exiting a couple of established businesses he had created, he turned his sights on the founding of Kaleidoscope Global.

He now spends time between California, Florida, Europe and Australia building the Kaleidoscope Global group of companies. Matt has an extensive background in consulting, marketing, technology and business and a track record of helping entities from start-up to IPO and beyond.

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