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Jesse Boudreau

Jesse Boudreau was Vice-President BlackBerry Software with Research In Motion (RIM) Limited, operating out of the company’s Kanata office. His development team is responsible for RIM’s BlackBerry Connect developer program, its messaging client software for Novell GroupWise as well as the client and server software for RIM’s new BlackBerry Maps product.

Jesse joined RIM in 2004 after the company acquired technology assets from his firm J.B. Technologies Inc. Prior to this, Jesse was CEO of Pictorious, a venture-backed pioneer in the web application server, application development environment and content management software markets. Jesse joined Pictorious after a ten-year career at Bell Northern Research’s information systems group where his responsibilities included being the global Program Director, development and acquisition, and a team of 350 people.

Posted by kscope / Posted on 14 Jun
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