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Doug Young – Software Engineer, Architect

Doug-YoungOver 20 years of experience in software design and development. Doug has been designing software at both large and small companies for over 20 years and enjoys getting involved in the earliest creative stages of new concepts. He spent his early years in Hewlett Packard’s Palo Alto Research Labs, but finding his passion for building software that gets used in the real world at odds with the research environment, he moved to Silicon Graphics to help architect a suite of software tools that were used by SGI’s customers for building everything from dinosaurs to the Mars Rover. With the internet exploding, Doug became CTO for a small startup founded by Elon Musk, Zip2, later acquired and folded into the then-leading search engine, AltaVista. After Yahoo acquired AltaVista, Doug further developed the Machine Learning-based approach he helped build at AltaVista, allowing Yahoo to catch up with Google’s search accuracy. Today, Doug is a co-founder of JobFlo, where he relishes both the necessity and
the freedom of doing whatever it takes to build a web-based product.

Posted by kscope / Posted on 13 Jun
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