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Increasing Traffic & Sales

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Lack of traffic to a website can be detrimental for business, we faced one such case with an adult products company that found it difficult to  increase traffic to their website, which began to directly affect their sales margins.

The team of SEO experts within Kaleidoscope Global took time to analyze the entire website in order to identify issues the site was facing, once identified we began working to correct the problems that limited website traffic. From there we began directly managing the SEO for this company and since we took over were able to increase the keywords the site was ranking for from just under 200, to over 27,000 relevant terms, with over 2,000 Top 10 keywords.

Our team has now moved into a new phase of SEO for this company and is working with them to build a new e-commerce website, which will provide them with a web 2.0 and beyond. Doing so will ensure this company maintains their ever increasing audience while continuing to grow sales.  which will continue to engage their audience and continue to increase sales.

Within the last month, traffic has sky rocketed and their sales are showing the results of the efforts we took.

We predict that as we plan and build out the new e-commerce platform, which will continue to help them increase sales, we will also increase keyword ranking for over 100,000 relevant terms.

Are you struggling to drive traffic and increase sales for your own online business? Contact us below so we can help.


Posted by kscope / Posted on 28 Jun
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