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A Half-Billion Dollar Transport, Shipping, and Logistics Company




Kaleidoscope was selected after a rigorous RFP process competing with two of the worlds biggest, and best known, Data Analysis Companies. Our core differentiator was our willingness to understand the client, and to be able to discern “the question behind the question” with which Unishippers was faced.


Unishippers is one of the country’s most successful, and oldest, shipping and transport aggregators. They leverage “unused space” on trucks, ships, and planes to deliver freight for their customers at competitive prices. Unishippers was one of the first companies to recognize this opportunity however, they were not the last. The freight & package industry has become significantly more competitive over the 20+ years that Unishippers has been in business.


We were hired to assist them with predictive analytic assessment, based on a series of pre-defined experiments which were devised by our Data Science team in conjunction with the Operations, Data Base, and Information Technology groups within Unishippers.


By eliminating the “noise” from literally terabytes of data collected over the years (on multiple platforms in multiple formats) our team has been able to assist Unishippers in determining the Optimum Revenue that they can derive from any given customer, and to maximize both client engagement and profitability.


We continue to work with the Unishippers team to provide best-in- class service and pricing for their customers. Our unique relationship with one of the world’s luminaries in Discrete Big Data Analysis allows us to “bring out the big guns” when they’re needed to help our customers succeed! Our team of Data Scientists can unravel the mysteries hidden in the Zetabytes of data being captured by clients on a daily basis.


Learn more about Unishippers & their franchise program:

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